1984 - 2021 IMPERMANENCE
Life and world are in everlasting flux ...


I SPECTRAL by Kiouwa Iki

         Along History, poets, artists, scientists and philosophers have introduced  that Nomads - in pre historian times - enjoyed a ``kind of pleasure´´ during endless moving from one region to other.  Bruce Chatwin in his writings often quotes this feeling and relates it to our longing for travels. The simple act of sitting in a train and vaguely observing - almost hypnotized - the landscape horizontally moving away, resembles that  feeling of pre historian nomads observing the slow moving landscape. Futurist artists, at their time, have explored the stretching imagery of movement. In our contemporary society we can see the dominance of horizontal formats in visual communication. Always in movement, the modern citizen needs a fraction of second more to see or read a message displayed on outdoors. 

Alan Kaprow, artist of Happening Movement, once in the 50´s stated that ``the Environments will not be the Environments we are familiar with already - the constructed fun house, spook show, window display, store front. They have been sponsored by art galleries and discotheques. Instead, we´ll act in response to the winter resorts, motels, the movement of cars, public services, and the communication media´´. The artist gave us a hint for new ways of capturing the manifested world in higher velocity.  Living in a digital electronic world, among illuminated LED displays, we humans ``fortunately ´´ have kept in the depth of our souls that kind of pleasure inherited from our nomads ancestors.     A nostalgia for another space, a remote and primordial site where we constantly move to, in an attempt to escape from our transitory human condition.

``In the everlasting flux of mind and world, the only fact is Impermanence´´. So would Krishnamurti describe our Environment.

At last, IMPERMANENCE is a visual poetic manifesto of our times. It establish parallels between Individual and Biosphere, Sinergy and Time, Matter and Spirit. Expresses an occupation with the refining of seeing, listening and feeling, apprehending and interpreting the Reality. The artworks depict the ``nomad within ourselves´´ as a moving spectral among a constant changing, almost abstract imagery. It embodies aesthetical & philosophical approaches exploring the Mind and builds a constellation of archetypes of Wholeness and Transitority, portrayed in it's utmost nature. Flux - Music - Time  and Space are the environments for the spiritual experience. The Field where the Nomad within ourselves moves on.... as Time and Life goes on.





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Berlin, Germany
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