1984 The Bellicose Spirit and the Peace Bomb


The Bellicose Spirit and the Peace Bomb

By Ary Pararaios - Actor and poet -  1985


In his paintings Hermusche establishes a controversy between extremes. He knows that the Fruit of the New it?s in the Humus of the Old; that the Nigth in it´s Beginning is the End of the Day and vice  versa.

Embodying a tropical samurai, Hermusche exorcizes and blesses the gestures of contemporary human being.

With Holy Water in one hand and the hatchet of an  African god in the other hand; with remote controls, Hi-Tech, obvious archetypical signals in one hand, and Hearts, Emotions, tenuous symbols in the other, he paints with pails full of colors, blood and flowers.

The result is Restlessness.

The Bellicose Spirit and the Peace Bomb ( titles of some of his works) are flags of controversy that he challenges, establishing the dichotomy Technique-Emotion; Speech-Contents; Anthropophagy-Selfphagites.

Audacity springs out of his painting, like red passion in the poetry of Garcia Lorca, simultaneously lyric and sharp; with the power of a Cybernetic Q-Tip, hurting or cleaning wounds.

Through a compulsive slashing of his own arteries, he takes one step more into a new land without an academic critical code; Art-Reflex of the post-industrial society, this Babylon we call City.

Homo has not well succeeded at being Sapiens, that is civilized.

The artworks are weapons of strength to show the dead-end-ways in which we (contemporary human beings) are captive, and simultaneously expresses the possibility of Beauty. Red is the predominant color of the almost abstract cyclonic human figures, realized by intuitive eyes.

BODY! Preoccupation with the real well-being confer to the human figure another occupation:

He writes it kineticly. The bodies are acting, dancing, in the huge paintings they behave as if in a theater play, irradiating anxieties . The body is present, and it´s moving in each of the paintings like in a movie-picture sequence. It´s a photogram. It is in the colorful sunset of the big city, it is in the blue sky.

SPIRIT! Integrating the world without an explicit reason, fusing real and imaginary images, far away from rational messages, each painting is a diagram. Painting with fire and flowers, action and result.  If necessary he would use tons of inks to paint the perceptible Universe.

Hermusche  is a satirical and rigorous magician of nowadays, putting together Sky and Hell, Reich and Dante into the multinational Japanese TV screen. Play I Ching in the computer. Devouring, renewing and recycling all information. His mind it is in the Compass, his Heart is buried in the ground of Planet Earth.



Revaler Strasse 7, 10245
Berlin, Germany
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