W Hermusche


Artist , creative director, photographer, designer

Studio 1: Revaler Strasse 7, 10245 Berlin - Germany

Studio 2; NR Paranhos Buriti 18, 71573-990 Brasilia - Brazil

contact: hermusche@gmail.com

Born in Brazil into a multicultural Afro-Lebanese-Japanese family, Hermusche studied Biology at the University of Brasilia, though he eventually abandoned his studies and during the 80s was fully engaged in painting and graphic arts.

His first abstract expressionist paintings were made in the 1984 in the form of a series named The Bellicose Spirit and the Peace Bomb, establishing the conceptual foundation of his work. In the following years he presented his works in Nicaragua, Spain, Canada, Holland and Germany, while  simultaneously working as an art director for documentaries for Brazilian TV. He lived in Germany from 1986 to 1998 .

Since 1999 Hermusche has been living and working  between Germany and Brazil. Simultaneously to authored paintings and drawings, has been creating thematic exhibitions and books on Brazilian Avian Fauna of  Amazon Region.  His works were shown in Brazil, Moscow, Lisbon, México, Seoul and Beijing. 

He was the creative director at Hermusche Emporium, a multidisciplinary studio focused on art / environment / education  / design / manufacturing of one-of-a-kind garments of pure Brazilian silk and viscose. made from industrial remnants from weaving factories.

Currently is fully engaged on painting, drawing and photography and believes Art and Technology, Commerce and Environmental Care, Ethics and Communication can harmoniously  interact.

Revaler Strasse 7, 10245
Berlin, Germany
Fine Art Prints available formats | Formatos disponíveis

137 x 240 cm | 58 x 96 inches
120 x 210 cm | 48 x 84 inches
100 x 175 cm | 40 x 70 inches
85 x 150 cm   | 34 x 60 inches
57 x 100 cm   | 22 x 40 inches
40 x 70 cm     | 16 x 28 inches